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Peculiarities of the response of a laser interference gravitational antenna to the low-frequency disturbances. Gladyshev,V.O.; Morozov,A.N. Meas. Tech. USSR. (1990). p. 1003-1007. // English translation of Izmeritelnaya Tekhnika, N10, p.26-28, (1990).

Detailed studies laser GA with provision for nonlinear dependencies of pressure power of lazer radiation from displacing a mirror and phase tuning an interferometer. Received stationary decision Fokker-Plank for the mirror of interferometer. Shown that function of sharing a position of mirror in the field of laser radiating different from Gaussian. Received expression for an average period of fluctuations a mirror, which depends laser radiation on powers of.

є fig. W, J b, J*m/kg
1 10-15 10-27
2 10-16 10-26
3 10-15 10-26
4 10-14 10-26
5 10-15 10-25
Fig.9. Distribution function f0(x) of fluctuations for coordinate x of mass center of trail body with FPCТs mirror in field of monochromatic electromagnetic wave for different values of medium energy of random oscillations of trail body W and coefficient b which characterizing power of optical pumping and quality of FPCТs mirrors.
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