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Nonlinear generation of high-frequency optical noise in a Fabry-Perot resonator. Morozov,A.N.; Gladyshev,V.O. Sov.Tech.Phys.Lett. (Mar 1990). v.16(3) p.187-188. // English translation of Pis`ma v Zhurnal Tekhn. Fiziki, v.16(5) p.57-60, (1990).

Shown that nonlinear dependency of pressure power of laser radiation on free mass mirrors FPI, brings a mirror about the redistribution of spectrum of fluctuations.

Low frequency seismic fluctuations on frequencies 5-10 Hz, for example, can move over to HF area of spectrum, where are registered GW. Amplitude of such fluctuations a mirror displacement can exceed an amplitude from GW. Received recurrence equation system, allowing calculate an amplitude of fluctuations a mirror on any frequency on the base given LF fluctuations amplitude and parameters of resonator.

Fig.8. Dependence of amplitude of oscillations of a trial body and FPCТs mirror on frequency for different proportionality coefficients χ between amplitudes of the first and the null harmonics: 1 - χ = 0.5; 2 - χ = 0.9; 3 - χ = 0.95.

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