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Heterodyne method of detecting decaying signals using a Fabry-Perot cavity. Gladyshev V.O.; Morozov A.N. Sov. Tech. Phys. Lett. (Oct 1991). v.17(10) p. 684-686. // English translation of Pis`ma v Zhurnal Tekhn. Fiziki, v.17(19) p.11-15, (1991).

Offered new method to registrations GW on the base of FPI. In the base of method - an idea to modulation of phase tuning a resonator. Decision of equation motion of mirror of resonator in the field of laser radiation and GW signal from the neutron star brings about the appearance of signal, which can be registered by capacitive sensors of mirrors displacing. Method allows to reduce an optical base modern GA, increase sensitivity. Received author's certificate on the invention.

Fig.7. Scheme of laser gravitational antenna on a base of heterodyne method for detecting weak dumping quasi harmonical signals. 1 Ц vacuum cavity; 2 Ц laser; 3 Ц laser cavityТs mirrors; 4 Ц electromechanical modulator; 5 Ц telescopic system; 6 Ц FPCТs mirrors; 7 Ц free masses; 8 Ц capacity detectors of movements; 9 Ц amplifier; 10 Ц analyzer; 11 Ц detection unit; 12 Ц photodetector; 13 Ц amplifier; 14 Ц control unit; 15 Ц generator of sinusoidal voltage; 16 Ц quartz generator.
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