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Determination of the equatorial velocity and inclination of the equatorial plane of an astrophysical object in space. Gladyshev V.O. // Astrophysics. 1991. V.34(2), -pp.111-114.

For the first time proved that possible determination of real equatorial velocity of stars on variation spectral lines in consequence of the parallax.

At present for astrophysical objects is absent information on orientation to axis a rotating to the beam of observing that does not allow to conduct a detailed analysis cosmological models.

In work received expression for the relationship of equatorial velocity, angular orientation of equatorial plane of astrophysical object for planes of ecliptic with variation of spectral lines.

Received expression for resolving spectral equipment and shown that existing sensitivity of spectral instruments sufficient for the determination of equatorial velocity and angles slopping of equatorial plane for near by stars of main sequence.

Fig.6. Relative location of spectral detectors Θ1-3 and equatorial plane α of rotating astrophysical object S, the plane is situated on the distance d from the central detector Θ3.
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