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Curvature of the trajectory traced out by a monochromatic plane electromagnetic wave in a medium with rotation. Gladyshev V.O. JETP Lett. (25 Oct 1993). v.58(8) p. 569-572. // English translation of Pis`ma v Zhurnal Experiment. i Teoretich. Fiziki, v.58(8) p.593-597, (1993).

Discovered new relativistic effect of curvature of the trajectory traced out by light in the medium with the rotation. Effect is result numerical solution an integral equation Volterra for the wave vector in the rotation medium.

Given decision is referred to the space nature of spreading a radiation in the moving medium, so its experimental check is a new test an Electrodynamics moving medium and main positions Spatial Relativity.

Given effect must be taken account into the description of spreading an electromagnetic radiation near by rotating astrophysical sources. For example, at the calculation of angular deflection of position of stars under the Solar eclipse specified effect can give correct.

Also specified effect has of importance in rotating Universe, where curvature of light rays can greatly distort a real position of stars with respect to the observed position.

Fig.3.1. Due to spatial dragging effect of a rotating medium for electromagnetic wave the trajectory for wave vector differs from straight line.

Fig.3.2. dLe is equivalent path difference for beams in OD with Ω = 0 and Ω ≠ 0; dLt and dLl are equivalent path differences for beams in OD with  and Ω ≠ 0 due to transversal and longitudinal dragging effects; θ0 is incident angle on a boundary of two media. dLcr0) is equivalent path difference because of curve trajectory.

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