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Gladyshev V.O., Portnov D.I., Kautz V.L. and Sharandin E.A. Experimental Studies of Polarization of Laser Radiation in a Rotating Optical Glass // Optics and Spectroscopy, 2013, Vol. 115, No. 3, pp. 349Ц355.

Gladyshev V.O., Portnov D.I. Evolution of the Polarization of the HeЦNe Laser Radiation in a Rotating Insulator // Technical Physics. 2015. V.60. є4, pp. 575Ц582.

There are results of experimental researches of propagation of plane-polarized coherent radiation of He-Ne laser in a rotating dielectric. Reversible transition process of rotation of polarization plane and change of extent of ellipticity and angular deviation of the beam with relaxation time about τ = 100-1000 s and at frequency of rotation equal to the interval f=2-250 Hz are presented.

Fig.1. Experimental stand.

Fig.2. Dependence of an angle of rotation of the plane of polarization on time for the frequency of rotation of 80 Hertz. On the 20 minute rotation of the motor was stopped.

Fig.3. Dependence of an angle of rotation of the plane of a polyazation on frequency, for two linear a component at the exit of the laser generator.

Fig. 4. Dependence of an angular deviation of a beam on frequency.

Fig. 5. The picture of a beam taken on the Ophir Spiricon (shift and increase in intensity of a beam are noticeable).

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