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In the work it was shown that in space-time continuum with anisotropy  accelerated course of cycle moving physical processes is possible.

Fig. 16. When  is small the accelerated course of cycle moving physical processes is not possible, hence availability of weak dipole anisotropy leads to arising path difference of moving clocks. Dependence of clock run velocity on vector field  can have value for long-space flights.

The discovery of microwave background anisotropy, which is discussed last time, allows look at the problem of existing a device, changing time direction of course for physical processes.

Recently we at least know two principles of time managing. The first of them has well known since SRT creating and consists in controlled deceleration of moving process course. Deceleration of moving clocks was experimentally tested. The second method is based on the assumption that there are topological peculiarities which connect different space-time domains.

In the work, it is shown that in space-time continuum with dipole anisotropy decelerated course of cyclic moving physical processes. Value of clock motion advancing effect for cyclic linear motion and for motion in an ellipse orbit was calculated. It was shown that the effect can arise when the clock moves with constant velocity in anisotropic space. Hence, for the case it is necessary that eccentricity is large and the large semi-axis of the orbit coincides with anisotropy direction.

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