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Description of Electromagnetic Radiation Propagating in a Four-Dimensional Space-Time with a Fluctuating Metric Tensor. A.N. Morozov and V.O. Gladyshev. // Russian Physics Journal. 2002. V.45, N. 2, -pp.113-117.

The effect of spectral broadening of electromagnetic radiation propagating in a four-dimensional space-time with fluctuations in the space curvature caused by relict gravitational radiation is predicted. It is demonstrated that distortion of spectral line profiles of electromagnetic radiation caused by the fluctuating metric is at the level of resolution of the available spectral instrumentation.

Fig.15. Galactic NGC 4214 (13 millions of light years). Hubble Space Telescope.

The relativity predicts gravitational waves from neutron stars, black holes and other astrophysical sources. Availability of fluctuations of space-time curvature has to lead to the line broadening of stars.

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