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Propagation of electromagnetic waves in media undergoing complex motions. V.Gladyshev, T.Gladysheva and V.Zubarev // Journal of Engineering Mathematics. 2006. V.55. No.1-4, p.239-254.

Results of a theoretical and experimental investigation into new effects in moving-media optics are presented. An exact analytical solution is obtained for the trajectory of the wave vector of a monochromatic electromagnetic plane wave in a medium undergoing a complex motion. It is shown that the spatial dragging of the electromagnetic wave by the moving medium can be described correctly in the general case only if relativistic terms of order β 2 are taken into account.

Also, in this investigation we observed a spatial effect of the light drag at a wavelength of λ = 0,632991 μm by an optical disk with a refractive index n = 1,4766, a radius of R0 = 0,06 m rotating at a frequency of ω = 25 Hz.

A relative shift of the interference pattern, monitored by the time of the interference band motion across the aperture of a photodetector for the disk rotating in the opposite directions, amounted to Δ = 0,0076 ± 0,0030 of the interference bandwidth. The results of theoretical calculations of the expected interference pattern shift on the basis of the total solution of the dispersion equation in the experiment are in agreement with the experimental results.

Analysis of the results obtained suggests that the detected effects determine a wide class of observed phenomena, even when the velocities of moving media are non-relativistic.

Fig.13. An electromagnetic wave propagates in a medium which consists of many thin layers with dielectric constants εi,j+1, the layers are divided with surfaces Pi. A boundary of two neighbor layers can have a normal component of velocity  . Refracted and reflected waves arise on each boundary of layers. Velocity of each moving medium (layer)  can depends on time.
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