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First Results of Measurements of the Rotation Speed Effect on the Spatial Entrainment of Light in a Rotating Medium V.O.Gladyshev, T.M.Gladysheva, M.I.Dashko, N.E.Trofimov, and E.A.Sharandin. // Technical Physics Letters, 2007, Vol. 33, No. 11, pp. 906 - 908.

We consider the first results of measurements of the effect of a velocity vector field in a rotating transparent medium on the light propagation velocity c in this medium. Laser radiation with a wavelength of λ=0,632991 μm passed through a rotating optical disk with n=1,7125 in an interferometer, where the beam path length projected on the flat disk surface was l=30,4 mm, the disk thickness was d=20 mm, and the angle of light incidence on the flat disk surface was θ0=50,7°. The disk rotation speed was varied up to 380 Hz, which corresponded to a projection of V2n=36 m/s of the medium velocity onto the wave vector of the electromagnetic wave.

The experimental data confirmed to the first approximation the classical linear dependence of the shift of interference fringes on the velocity of a rotating medium.

Reflecting beams in rotating optical disk.

Fig.1.1. Optical scheme of two-beams one-passage interferometer.

Fig.1.2. Reflecting beams in rotating optical disk.

Interferometer with rotating OD. Interferometer in thermostabling casing.

Fig1.3. Interferometer with rotating OD.

Fig.1.4. Interferometer in thermostabling casing.

Fig.1.5. Dependence of motion time for the last interference fringe along photodetector (PD) aperture on rotation frequency of OD.

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